From our community leaders…

“I believe SAFEchild is a valuable resource to our community because they offer critical services to children and their parents in a timely and efficient manner. Without question the services offered by SAFEchild save lives. They also repair the family unit in some cases.”

Barry Bryant, Victim’s Programs Planner, Governor’s Crime Commission

“SAFEchild is an important community resource because through its efforts, individuals and families are taught healthy ways to reduce stress while learning critical coping skills necessary in strengthening family bonds.”

Dwight Whitted, Coordinator, N.C. Children’s Trust Fund

“SAFEchild’s programs work! They are unique in delivery and content, fill gaps in services to families, and are cost effective.”

Ron Anderson, Senior Director of Guidance and Social Work, Wake County Public Schools

“SAFEchild makes a difference by bring the various aspects of the Wake County community together to prevent child abuse; faith communities, corporations, educators, individuals and government agencies have opportunities to work together to prevent child abuse.”

Maria Spalding, Director of Wake County Human Services


From children and families helped by SAFEchild…

“At SAFEchild, we never felt judged. I was allowed to voice my opinion. It wasn’t a guilt thing – just a sharing thing.”

Pearl, Parent participant in Family Team Work

“It was such a relief to know that I wasn’t alone in my fears and frustrations as a mom. The open, honest and non-judgmental way that SAFEchild runs its programs provided me with much needed positive reinforcement for my desire to have a successful relationship with my son. SAFEchild was a God-send for me.”

Trysh, Parent participant in a parent information and support group

“My family is changing . . . we are getting along better. [My daughter] does what I tell her with a lot less talking back and she recently did very well in the grocery store.”

Kathy, Parent participant in the Nurturing Program

“I’m learning in my reading that getting angry is not always the answer. I’m changing my ways by listening first.”

Henry, Parent participant in the Nurturing Program

“We have a more peaceful atmosphere and feel more like a family.”

Michelle, Parent participant in the Nurturing Program

“Being part of Welcome Baby helped to build my confidence and gave me the moral support I needed.”

Su, mother of a four-month old daughter and a parent participant in the Welcome Baby program

“I have already recommended Welcome Baby to other moms for good advice from an experienced mom, for friendship, and for someone to turn to in an emergency.”

Pam, a first-time mom and a parent participant in the Welcome Baby program

“I have learned how to relax when my children are hyperactive. I have learned how to talk with them. Previously, I used the same form of discipline that was used on me.”

Benjamin, a Hispanic father of two and a parent participant in the Spanish-speaking Nurturing Program

“I would recommend this program because it teaches you as well as your children how to treat others. I have already given the program coordinator’s number to several people.”

Rosa, a parent participant in the Spanish-speaking Nurturing Program


From Junior League Leaders – Our Founders…

“Supporting SAFEchild is the best way I can think of for the Junior League of Raleigh and the community at large to demonstrate its commitment to improving the lives of children and families in Wake County.”

Greer Dobbin Lysaght, JLR President, 1990-1991

“Issues affecting children have always been important to members of the Junior League of Raleigh. We collaborated with agencies across Wake County to form SAFEchild and address the important issue of child abuse. I think it is one of the best things the League has ever done.”

Sandy Page, JLR President, 1991-1992

“SAFEchild helps parents build stronger families. Stronger families benefit every person and every institution in our community. The greatest benefit is to children, who will grow up in a loving environment and have a wonderful model for their own families in the years to come.”

Barbara Freedman, JLR President, 1992-1993

“The success of SAFEchild has given the members of the Junior League of Raleigh an inordinate amount of pride. By supporting SAFEchild, we know our money and volunteer efforts will prevent child abuse for many Wake County families.”

Jennie Hayman, JLR President, 1993-1994

“SAFEchild is a great gift from the Junior League to our community. Our members’ willingness to make an investment in children and families has resulted in an effective and respected agency that changes lives every day.”

Dianne Davidian, JLR President, 1995-1996

“The spirit of SAFEchild is phenomenally strong – the volunteers, corporate and individual donors, the board of directors, and staff members – all combine forces to renew this surge of energy daily. The people served by our continually expanding programs rave about the inroads that SAFEchild has made in their personal life journeys. Because of the many friends that offer heartfelt assistance, this organization will continue to prosper in the next century, and ultimately eliminate child abuse in this community.”

Denise Harper, JLR President, 1996-1997

“When I served as president of the League, I was constantly aware of the respect SAFEchild received in the for-profit and not-for-profit communities. SAFEchild is one of the things our members can be most proud of. Its programs have dramatically improved the lives of children and families in Wake County.”

Sarah Wesley Fox, JLR President, 1997-1998

From our volunteers…

“MOVE has demonstrated so many positive outcomes from the women and children who have been through the program. From women who found the strength to leave their abuser, to women who were able to work with their partner to make sweeping changes within the family system, to women who suddenly realized that they had the power to stop the cycle of abuse, the program continues to offer an incredible foundation for the beginning of change to numerous families in the Wake County area.”

Carla Daniels, 13 year MOVE program volunteer

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