Kayla Harrison – Olympic Gold Medalist

In 2012, Kayla Harrison became the first American in history to capture an Olympic Gold Medal in the sport of Judo. In doing so, she made history for her country and her sport. At the age of 16, Kayla revealed that for years she had been sexually abused by her judo coach. Her revelation turned her world upside down. Kayla pressed charges and a federal criminal prosecution followed. As a teenager, Kayla was made to rebuild her life in a new place surrounded by new people. Her Olympic Gold Medal represents the height of her athletic accomplishments, but doesn’t begin to tell Kayla’s story of personal triumph.

Kayla has made it her mission is to shine a light on the darkness that is child sexual abuse and to enrich the lives of survivors through education and sport, leading survivors to mastery and enabling them to flourish in all aspects of life.