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Wed., AUGUST 13

Noon to 1:00 pm14300491_l


864 West Morgan Street

Raleigh, NC 27603

Please join us for a Moonlight Pizza lunch and learn more about SAFEchild’s programs to prevent child abuse and neglect. This is not a fundraising event, but a chance to learn about SAFEchild’s years of helping parents and children in Wake County, and how you can help Stop Abuse For Every child!

RSVP by Friday, August 8 to: Michelle Putterman or 919-743-6140


Annual Campaign Coordinator Position Available


.625 FTE (25 hours per week)

Believe in SAFEchild Campaign: The Annual Campaign Coordinator is responsible for three components of the annual campaign:
1. a fundraising luncheon based on the Benevon model of fundraising
2. a direct mail appeal
3. special events

The Annual Campaign Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all activities associated with the three components.

Supervised by and reports to the Development Director

Luncheon Component:
Plan and implement one luncheon event annually for 500+ guests in the fall
Develop timeline and work plan
Recruit campaigners to act as table captains to extend invitations to contacts
Train campaigners to be table captains
Assist in the creation of all materials needed for the luncheon
Secure venue
Recruit and train luncheon speakers
Prepare speakers
Work with videographer when new videos are needed
Manage the logistics of the luncheon
Recruit and facilitate the recruitment of monthly open house Lunch and Learn participants
Attend each monthly Lunch and Learn event
Make follow-up phone calls to attendees and donors
Coordinate the purchase and acquisition of all needed materials and supplies for the monthly lunch and learns events

Direct Mail Component
Prepare copy for the direct mail appeal twice a year: late fall and the spring
Be responsible for the mailing list and logistics of actual mailing
Track responses

Special Events
Support volunteers who implement the spring gala
Represent SAFEchild at events planned by “outside” people

Prior experience in fund development work in a non profit setting, special events, or other relevant environment; demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office programs, Excel spreadsheets, social media, and Salesforce.

Able to manage multiple projects at one time and to set priorities as needed; ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with all agency constituents

Please email cover letter and resume to Shana Filter.
Position will remain open until filled.

SAFEchild is committed to eliminating child abuse in Wake County by helping adults and children create nurturing environments free from abuse and neglect.

Shana Filter Joins SAFEchild as Development Director



SAFEchild’s Board of Directors is proud to announce that Shana Filter has been hired as SAFEchild’s Development Director. Shana comes to SAFEchild from St. Mary’s School where she has served as Assistant Development Director since 2008. With more than 15 years of development work, Shana is well qualified to grow SAFEchild’s fundraising efforts to support child abuse prevention programs in Wake County. Shana lives in Wake Forest with her husband, Lance, and two daughters, Karina and Sonja, ages 13 and 11, who attend Franklin Academy charter school. In her free time she enjoys reading, exercise, and managing her husband’s rock band.

Marjorie Menestres, SAFEchild’s Executive Director says that “we are delighted that Shana will be joining the SAFEchild team. She has a long track record of successful fund raising experiences and a passion for children’s well being that will translate into helping SAFEchild thrive in its third decade of supporting and strengthening families to prevent child abuse and neglect.”

Shana begins her position at SAFEchild on July 14, 2014.

Honoring mothers 365 days a year



This weekend many of us will recognize our mothers, grandmothers and daughters by giving flowers, writing cards or taking over the household responsibilities for the day. We do it because we want to let them know that they are appreciated. But mothers need support the other 364 days a year, too.

My first child was born on the other side of the world – thousands of miles away from my family and friends – in a country where I didn’t speak the language, so I know what it’s like to feel socially isolated and overwhelmed by the responsibility of being a parent. Everyone wants to be the best mother possible, but with little support it can feel like an insurmountable responsibility.

At SAFEchild, we know that every mother wants – and deserves – to be given the support she needs to navigate the challenges and joys of being a parent and create a nurturing environment free from abuse and neglect. We also know that because of external pressures, or because of how they were raised, or because they lack certain skills, many mothers fall short of their expectations. Sadly, sometimes the consequences endanger their children.

Abuse or neglect happens in every neighborhood to mothers of every color, creed, education level and income. Thousands of cases of child abuse are reported in Wake County every year. SAFEchild works to eliminate abuse by helping families learn how to create a nurturing environment.

Most families are capable of creating safe and loving homes given the right support, information and community resources.

All parents, at one time or another, need to seek support and ask for help. A stigma exists that asking for help means that a mom or dad is not a good parent. Asking for help doesn’t mean someone is not a good parent. In fact, it is a sign of strength. Both moms and dads need to speak up and reverse the dangerous stigma associated with asking for help.

In turn, SAFEchild needs our community to stand with us. To reduce child abuse in Wake County, financial and volunteer support is vital.

Together, we can eliminate abuse and neglect and make Wake County safer for all children.

Marjorie Menestres has served as SAFEchild’s executive director since 1993.

Read more here:

SAFEchild Executive Director Marjorie Menestres Named to Raleigh Hall of Fame



SAFEchild Executive Director Marjorie Menestres Named to Raleigh Hall of Fame

Marjorie Menestres, executive director of SAFEchild, the first agency devoted to providing direct child abuse prevention services to Wake County families, has been nominated for induction into the Raleigh Hall of Fame. SAFEchild is committed to eliminating child abuse in Wake County by helping adults and children create nurturing environments free from abuse and neglect. Menestres grew SAFEchild from a one-person organization to a 14-member staff and deftly manages a budget of more than $1.2 million.

Menestres is one of eight individuals and two organizations recognized for their contributions to North Carolina’s capital city with their induction into the Raleigh Hall of Fame. The Raleigh Hall of Fame, created in 2005 with support from the Raleigh City Council, celebrates individuals and non-profits that have left an indelible mark on the city through their activism and volunteerism. The public nominates inductees, and celebrants are selected by an anonymous committee. The induction ceremony and gala is scheduled for October 6, 2014 at the Raleigh Convention center.

SAFEchild has benefited from Menestres’ position at the helm for 20 years. She has demonstrated remarkable leadership, dedication, and compassion. Under Marjorie’s guidance SAFEchild annually serves over 900 families through parenting programs and the SAFEchild Advocacy Center.


About SAFEchild

SAFEchild was established in 1992 by the Junior League of Raleigh. Reflecting its public position statement that “every child has the right to mature in an environment free from physical abuse and emotional neglect,” the Junior League voted to create a child abuse prevention agency to fill a gap in human service offerings in Wake County. Working closely with Wake County Social Services and dozens of other public and private agencies in the Wake County, the League incorporated SAFEchild as an independent agency. SAFEchild has operated as an independent agency since its third year. Many JLR members remain actively involved with SAFEchild as board members, volunteers, and individual donors.





WakeMed Foundation Announces Match Grant to SAFEchild


WakeMed Foundation is providing the SAFEchild Advocacy Center with a match grant of $50,000 a year for three years to help expand the comprehensive medical valuations for children who have been physically or sexually abused. In November 2010, SAFEchild opened the Advocacy Center with the noble mission of filling a wide gap in services to abused children. The Center provides critical comprehensive and integrated services for 300 sexually and physically abused children annually, ages birth to 17, and their nonoffending parents and siblings living in Wake County.

The Center is a national model for investigating, intervening, and treating child abuse in a community-based, child-focused facility using a multi disciplinary approach. Services at the Center include an evidenced-based forensic interview that ascertains the facts of the child’s victimization, a comprehensive medical exam and mental health and case management services that assure each child’s safety and wellbeing.

Jack Radford, executive director of the WakeMed Foundation said, “The important work being done at the Advocacy Center closely parallels WakeMed’s mission of providing outstanding and compassionate care to all who seek our services. We are delighted to partner with SAFEchild in the effort to expand the services needed to help victimized children begin to heal and hold perpetrators accountable.”

Learn more about WakeMed Children’s: The Next Phase to help pediatric patients here, or donate now to help SAFEchild earn the matching funds.

2013 Believe Community Chairs Share Their Story


“(we) have seen child abuse everywhere we have worked … it was exciting when we moved to Raleigh and saw something new: SAFEchild.”

– Drs. Margaret and Rans Douglas

Drs. Margaret and Rans Douglas, of Wake Radiology, are long-time friends of SAFEchild and the Community Chairs for the 2013 Believe in SAFEchild campaign.

“We have practiced radiology for more than 20 years in five states, and have seen child abuse everywhere we have worked,” says Margaret Douglas. “As physicians, it is frustrating to feel so helpless in the face of the terrible devastation that this causes. It was exciting when we moved to Raleigh, and found an agency we’ve never seen before:  SAFEchild, which works with families on the front end to prevent abuse from ever happening.”

“Our community is very lucky to have SAFEchild,” Douglas continues. “Our goal is to support this wonderful agency so that it can continue its great work. Our dream is to increase the number of children and families we serve.”

Please help SAFEchild fulfill this dream to Stop Abuse For Every child.