SAFEchild Advocacy Center

The SAFEchild Advocacy Center is a warm, welcoming community-based center that provides evaluations for children when there is a concern for sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or neglect. Children talk with caring professionals who help them with physical and psychological healing. All of the services that the young victims and their families need are located in one welcoming, convenient location, which eases the amount of stress a family endures and prevents children from being re-traumatized.

Collaborating partners with the center include: Wake County Child Protective Services (CPS), the Wake County District Attorney’s Office, all Wake County law enforcement departments, medical and mental health professionals, the Guardian Ad Litem program, the Wake County Public School System, and others who are committed to the well-being of children. This group, recognized as the Wake County Multidisciplinary Team, meets twice a month to review cases and make case decisions in the best interest of children.

For more information about the SAFEchild Advocacy Center, please contact Cristin DeRonja at