17 Ways to Get a Grip: A Prescription for Stress

Accept yourself!
You cannot be perfect
Break the guilt habit It’s OK to fall short
Learn to say “no” Say it graciously. Don’t defend, excuse, or try to justify it.
Allow yourself to change your mind Reassessing is a sign of flexibility
Give yourself permission Take care of yourself – rest, relax, set limits
Be your own best friend Be on the lookout for stressors
Be your own resource person Learn how to manage
Exercise It releases stress and tension
Relax Use relaxation techniques
Separate past from present Address the present
Have a positive outlook Expect the best
Enjoy your own sexuality Feel attractive and wanted
Stay self-aware See the world through your own eyes
Assess your stress Note stress symptoms
Use self-management Not quick changes
Practice, Practice, Practice! New insights and behaviors
Laugh And defuse tension

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