Back to School Tips

  • Review schedules, including wake-up and evening bedtimes, bus or carpool times, when parents will be home, who will be caring for the children before and after school
  • Review rules for crossing the street, answering the telephone, arriving at and staying at home alone, who is permitted in the house when a parent is not there – and PRACTICE.
  • Review bus safety or carpool line rules.
  • Help children familiarize themselves with the school and child care provider.
  • Post signs that you’ve made together that list important phone numbers such as parents’ work, friends and neighbors, 911, the child’s phone number and home address.
  • Make a list of tasks to be completed after school, including the homework schedule.
  • Review entertainment options: Is TV allowed and how much and which shows? How about computer access – which games can be played, etc. Discuss consequences for non-compliance.
  • Practice preparing snacks.
  • Adjust to your morning and evening routines now to help children prepare for the first day of school.
  • Put together everything you need for the morning as you prepare for bed the night before (including making lunch?) – mornings will go much smoother
  • Talk with child about what school will be like, anticipating and acknowledging some of the changes, whether this is the first day of kindergarten, third grade, middle school or high school – hopefully building some enthusiasm for the coming year

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