Prevention Programs & Services

SAFEchild prevents abuse through a wide range of programs for parents and children. To refer someone for a SAFEchild program or register yourself, click here.

Group Education Programs (listed below) help parents develop positive parenting skills and decrease behaviors associated with abuse and neglect.

  1. Crianza Con Cariño (Raising Children with Love and Tenderness)
  2. MENS Program: Men Engaged in Nurturing Strategies
  3. The MOVE Program: Mothers Overcoming Violence through Education and Empowerment
  4. The Nurturing Program
  5. The PLUS Program: Parents Learning, Understanding, Sharing

We are happy to answer questions about the best program for you and your family. Call us at 919-743-6140, or download a Program Registration Form and return it to

864 West Morgan Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
or fax to 919-743-6143

SAFEchild’s home, school, and center-based programs

Welcome Baby is a home visiting program which pairs a new mom with an experienced mom to provide guidance and friendship.
Funny Tummy Feelings is a primary prevention program offered in first and second grade classrooms.
The SAFEchild Advocacy Center is a warm, welcoming facility providing coordinated support to child victims of physical or sexual abuse and their families.

North Carolina Parent Education Network Certifications

Eight of SAFEchild’s professional program coordinators have earned the highest certification offered by the North Carolina Parent Education Network. SAFEchild’s program coordinators who have achieved NCPEN’s Qualified Parent Educator certification are:

  • Michelle Putterman, RN, PHN, Qualified Parent Educator
  • Stacey Sullivan, LCSW, MSW, Qualified Parent Educator
  • Ginna Bustle, LCSW, MSW, Qualified Parent Educator
  • Cristin DeRonja, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Qualified Parent Educator
  • Gemimah Rodriguez, MA, Qualified Parent Educator
  • Ginger Espino, MSW, Qualified Parent Educator