The Nurturing Program

The Nurturing Program is a 12-week family education program for parents and children ages 4-12.  Parents and their children meet in separate groups.

The parent’s program incorporates the use of videos, role-plays, group discussion and lectures to facilitate learning.  Topics include positive discipline techniques, alternatives to corporal punishment, nurturing self-esteem, using praise, encouraging appropriate behavior, managing anger, and stress constructively, communication and more.

Each parent receives a Nurturing Program Handbook containing weekly readings and home practice assignments to reinforce the material covered in class.

Children are grouped according to age and participate in fun, structured skills-building activities designed to foster self-esteem, self-awareness, creativity, and self-expression. The activities improve communication and interpersonal skills and complement the new discipline strategies and family lifestyle being developed by their parents. Children also participate in weekly art projects.

Childcare is available for children ages three and under.

Each session closes with a family nurturing time where parents, children, and facilitators gather for a short, structured activity.