The PLUS Program: Parents Learning, Understanding, Sharing

The PLUS Program is a collaborative partnership between Motheread®, Inc. and SAFEchild. PLUS is a 12-week parent education and support group for parents of children of all ages, with specific focus on toddler and teen issues. Through group discussion, group activities, and skills practice, parents learn new strategies for communication, discipline, and enhancing their relationship with their children. Other topics include child and brain development, co parenting, managing emotions, and understanding learning styles.

The PLUS Program’s goal is to create a safe environment for parents to learn and to help them identify areas of strength in their family. Parents are encouraged to seek other resources and support for areas of concern in their lives. As one parent stated, “I learned how to listen and teach my child better and more effectively.”

Trained volunteers share stories, music, and activities with the younger children of the parents in the class and the teens are invited to join a group for teen agers that focuses on managing their feelings and experiences. Refreshments and all supplies are provided.