Volunteer Spotlight: Carla Daniels

MOVE program volunteer spotlight for fall e-newsletter

I began with SAFEchild in 2002 when I heard from a friend that the agency needed volunteers. The mission and vision of the agency are directly in line with my own personal and professional values. Through the years, I have enjoyed being able to give back to the community through the MOVE (Mothers Overcoming Violence through Education and Empowerment) program. MOVE has demonstrated so many positive outcomes from the women and children who have been through the program.

From women who found the strength to leave their abuser, to women who were able to work with their partner to make sweeping changes within the family system, to women who suddenly realized that they had the power to stop the vicious cycle of abuse, the program continues to offer an incredible foundation for the beginning of change to numerous families in the Wake County area. Domestic violence is reported all too often in the news- nationally and locally. The 13-week curriculum of the MOVE program is designed to help women to begin to believe in themselves:  that they are strong, powerful and that they have not done anything that should include being hit or treated as “less than” by someone who says that they love them. During the 13 weeks, they are given support, listened to, validated and encouraged.

I am fulfilled by being able to be a witness to the power of that change as it happens within each group I help facilitate. It is very much like watching a light go on as they realize what they can do and that they are indeed, strong and powerful. As each group ends I am left feeling hopeful for the future of the women and children that have been served. I continue to be part of the agency in large part because of the staff- they are 110% dedicated to the mission. They appreciate their volunteers and work to ensure lasting relationships while providing quality, caring programming for the community.

Thank you, Carla, for your 13 years of dedicated service to SAFEchild!