Make your gift to SAFEchild


Be the key to brighter futures for at-risk children by donating to SAFEchild. Your donation will be used to support SAFEchild’s programs and services aimed at eliminating child abuse and neglect in Wake County.

Your gift will have an impact on Wake County children and families in many ways:

A $2,500 ($208/month) donation will enable two at-risk families to learn positive parenting skills through SAFEchild’s 12-week parenting programs.

A $1,500 ($125/month) donation will provide integrated, comprehensive care at the SAFEchild Advocacy Center for a child where there are concerns of physical or sexual abuse.

A $500 ($42/month) donation will enable us to pair a new mother with a professionally trained Welcome Baby mentor for the baby’s first year of life.

A $250 ($21/month) donation will empower 100 first graders in Wake County to protect themselves from abuse thanks to SAFEchild’s Funny Tummy Feelings program.

Thank you!