2012-2013 Donors

SAFEchild is grateful for the generous support from the community. The following gifts were made between July 1, 2012 and June 30, 2013.


Donors above $25,000
Paul & Pamela Wood Foundation
Nationwide Foundation
Donors above $10,000
Fenwick Foundation
Focus on Hope Inc.
Golden Corral Charitable Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Kappa Delta of NC State University 
Martin Marietta Materials
Peter Millar LLC
Donors above $5,000
Harris Family Charitable Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Kimberly and Dean Mattoon
Ann Brooke and Charles Raynal
Faith and Arnold Shertz
Mary Jo Swain
Beth and James Voltz
Wake County New Vehicle Dealers Association, Inc.
Donors Above $1,000
Accentuate Staffing
Patti and Kevin Benedict
Phyllis and Tyler Bennett
Holly and Bill Blanton
Simone and David Brannan
Beth and Ken Brody
Sally and Rob Burlington
Capcommunity Foundation Inc.
Mary Laurie and Joe Cece
Jeanne Clay
Sondra and Van Collins
Columbia Development Group
Adam Derbyshire and Martha Krick
Kelly and Eric Doggett
Lisa and Jamie Duke
Jennifer Feinstein
First Citizens Bank
First Presbyterian Church
Joy and John Fisher
Mandy and Jerry Fountain
Debbie and Sheldon Fox
Christine and Staley Gentry
Give With Liberty
Carter Glass
Lolita Goldstein
Gregory Poole
Haddock Collison I, LLC
Jean and Russell Hall, III
Jennie and Wilson Hayman
Leonard and Karen Haynes
Betsy Henderson
Anna and Clay Jackson
Chancy and Keith Kapp
Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian
Phil and Beth Lambert
Lyn Maness
Leslie Marshall, MD
Elaine and Franklin McLeod
Marjorie and Ron Menestres
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Carol and Robbo Newcomb
Stephanie Norris
North State Bank
Anita and George Pinther
PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
Professional Recovery Consultants, Inc.
Progress Energy Foundation Inc.
Raleigh Wake Paralegal Association
Anne and George Ramsay
Billy and Ragan Ramsey
Red Hat, Inc.
Katherine and Mark Rostick
Safe Streets USA, LLC
Scheick-Verrochi Family Foundation
Denine and Brian Schepperley
Kelly Schomber and Brad Schomber
Ashley and Greg Seamster
Rachel and Steve Smith
Shackleton, LLC
John and Jennifer Spencer
Hayes Barton UMW
Beverly Taylor
Dan Thompson
Anne Underwood
United Family Network Inc.
Sarah and Joey Ward
Wells Fargo Corporate Office
Wells Fargo Cameron Village
Wells Fargo Hillsborough Street
White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Lee Whitman
Romeo, Wiggins & Company, LLP
Wilburn Auto Body Inc.
Carole and J. Bradley Wilson
Workplace Benefits LLC
Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton
Todd Yates
Virginia and David Yopp
Opie and Charlotte Versfeld
Carol and Ed Bazemore
Donors above $500
Accuro Group
Michael Alspaugh and Sherri Alspaugh
Nina and Paul Argiry
Allison and William Atkinson II
Michael J. Barnes
Eric and Ashley Belanger
Beth and Andy Betts
Mary Charles and Robert Boyette
Doug Bretherick
Perrin and Jeff Burton
Ellen and Henry Campen
Capital Ford, Inc.
Cantey and William Carpenter
Kevin and Tanya Ceglowski
Katie and Timothy Clements
Davis Plastic Surgery
Kelly and Graham Day
Kelly and Graham Day
Mollie and Jim Day
Marcia and John Erwin
Todd and Ilina Ewen
Greg and Peggy Forsyth
Nicole and Scott Foster
Karen and John Frank
Karen and John Frank
Lauren Reeves and Broch Frisbie
Mark and Jennifer Froning
Laura and Christopher Frushone
Elizabeth Gant
Sherrie and Jim Geikie
Lou and Dave Grinnell
Suzanne Hardeman
Loretta Harper-Arnold and Edward Arnold
Lee Hayes
Eileen Hendren and Mike Hendren
Hendrick Durham Auto Mall
Iren and Mark Hianik
George Holden, III
Kelly and Spence Huffstetler
Mary Baker and Robert Humphrey
Jill and Christopher Jackson
Jump Mountain Ramblers
Lenovo Employees Care
Kevin and Margaret Long
Greer and Chuck Lysaght
Karen and Brooks Malone
John and Suzanne Martin
McDonald’s Corporation
Menasha Corporation
Brian and Erica Meyers
Sherry Meyers
Suzanne Barham and Chris Mintz
Pamela and David Missimer
National Dent Works
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, L.L.P
Alex and Janet O’Toole
Sheri and Bryan Petrequin
Tricia and Stuart Phoenix
Anna and Trent Ragland
Shannon Joseph and Ripley Rand
Kathryn Raymond
Dorothy and David Raynes
Dawn and Glenn Raynor
Elizabeth Reynolds
Gary and Lisa Rondina
Krista and David Sigmon
G. Thomas Lee and Hiller Spires
St. Michael’s Episcopal Church
Rebecca L. Stevens
Strategic Connections
Geoffrey Suddreth
Tepper Family Fund
Terry and Faith Bowling
Tracy and Mike Thompson
Toyota West
Triangle Collision
Carol and Tommy Wagoner
Lou and Mike Weddington
Nancy and Mike Weddington
Mary and James Wheless
Kathy and Ed White
Pat and John Wilkins
CBC/WRAL Community Fund
Ellie Talisman
L. Harold Poole Funeral Service
Donors above $100
42 Collision Center, LLC
Matthew and Julie Adams
Sarah Almon and Grace McCarthy
Alpha Marketing, Inc
Robin and Jonathan Anders
DeLana and Scott Anderson
Shane Angley
Gregory and Jennifer Anglum
AP Connect LLC
Laurie Arp
Heather Ashe
Jay and Colleen Ayres
Greg and Amber Barnes
Timothy and Carmita Bass
Amy Beal
Teresa and Kevin Beasley
Douglas and Deborah Behning
Anna Bickley
Birch Appraisal Group of NC
Black Diamond Collision
Christopher Blake
Glenn and Colleen Blatz
Vicki Block
Nancy and M. Christopher Bolen
Lee and Evelyn Booker
Marty and Tammy Bormann
Michael Bowers
Jim and Liz Branch
Cam Brawley
Nancy and Terry Brenneman
Leesa Brinkley
Ge Brogden
Nancy and Bo Bromhal
David Francis Brown
Ray and Jenna Brunet
Adam Buchanan
Adam Buchanan
Beth Bucheister
Fran and Tim Buckley
Anne and Madison Bullard
Debbie and Julian Bunn
Keith Burns
Burns Cadillac Chevrolet
Ginna and Michael Bustle
Allison and Matt Cain
Ronald and Pamela Calliari
Russell and Ashley Campbell
Canaan Capital
Carolina Auto Body Repair of Wake County, Inc.
Carolina Mountain Gastroenterology
Sam and Cynamon Chawla
Chevrolet of Goldsboro
Kevin and Jeannine Chignell
Hsiao Mei Chu
Kathryn Clarke
Woodie and Brenda Cleary
Jenifer and David Clement
Clifton and Diane Britt
Coats Garage, Inc.
Paul Coggins, DDS, MPH, PA
Barry Cooper and Jennifer Cooper
Tara Copeland
Tara Copeland
Nancy and Daniel Corley
Joanne and Peter Corson
Cotton’s Towing and Recovery
Ashley and Sam Crutchfield
Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet
Shannon Fields and Brian Darer
Marlene and Dick Daugherty
Julie Davenport and Vern Davenport
Ben and Toni Davis
Sandra and Lawrence Davis
Susan Watkins Davis and John Davis
dba ABRA Auto Body & Glass Raleigh
Winston and Amy Deane
Heather Denny
Robert and Carolyn Diehl
Kim and William Dillon
Jean and Chip Dodd
Leonor and Wesley Doggett
Keith Donahue and Meredith Nelson
Linda and Kenneth Douglas
Pamela and Robert Dowdy
Scott and Michelle Duckworth
John T. Duncan
Stephen and Kelli Dunn
Marilyn and John Dutton
E.Z. Smith’s Body Shop, Inc.
Dawn Eagan
Christopher and Colleen Edmonston
Tricia and Andy Ellen
Michele and Russell Emrath
Shawn Enright
Marcia and John Erwin
Ginger and Byron Espino
Chad and Melissa Essick
Sherry Essig and Warren Raybould
Grace Evans and Jay Butler
Mary Lindsay and Samuel Evans
Exchange Club of Raleigh
Fayetteville Collision Inc.
Carolyn and Jonathon Fendelman
Melissa Ferrell
Keith Feuz
Terrence and Sara Fleming
Flip Educational Consulting, LLC
Pat Foster
Judy and Joe Fourie
Mara and Bud Frank
Frank and Susan Watson
Carrie Freeman and Gus Grubbs
Lynn and Franklin Freeman
Full Scale Solutions
Ashley and David Fuller
Robert and Evelyn Gaddy
Penelope Gallins and Gene Brown
Phillip Galloway
Tommy and Kaye Gattis
Glenn George
Thomas and Deborah Gettinger
Alice and Reginald Gillespie
Glenn, Mills, Fisher & Mahoney
Sean and Wendi Godwin
Raymond Goodmon
Anya and Arthur Gordon
Anya and Arthur Gordon
Gorman Street Pub Inc.
Eric and Laura Goulian
Millie Graham
Michelle Greene
Amy Griffin
William and Amy Griffin
Karen and Christian Gring
Alex and Kelly Guess
Lindsay Beth Gunter
Debra Gupton Moore
Hall Automotive
Kristin and Tobias Hampson
Julie and Billy Hampton
Erin Malloy-Hanley
Mike and Ann Hardeman
Samantha and Greg Hatem
Charul Haugan
Michael and Lisa Hauser
Heidi Brundage
Henry and Donnie Helms
Julie Henson
Iren and Mark Hianik
Richard Hibbits
David and Margaret Hill
Laura and Michael Hiller
Hillyer Memorial Christian Church
Katherine Hite
Joanna and Kirt Hobler
Pamela and John Hoile
Evelyn and Duke Holt
Sylvia Holtzman
Ken Horn and Carol Horn
Anita Yvette Horne
Ellen Horner
Craig and Debra Horton
Robert and Elaine Hubal
Hughes Pittman & Gupton, LLP
Stephanie Hughes
Emilia and George Huntley
J & M Chevrolet, Inc.
Leslie Ann Jackson
James and Kelly Furr
Erick and Michelle Jeffries
Robert T. Jobe
John’s Collision Center
Dr. Melissa Johnson
Bruce and Krista Jones
Gareth and Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones and Glen Jones
Mark and Karen Kelly
Pam and Karl Kelly
Keystone Automotive Industries, Inc.
William Kibbe
Tracy and William Kimbrell
William and Sue Kimbrell
Richard and Dana King
Gregory Kinlaw
Helen and Calvin Kirven
Lucille Klein
Meghan Knight
Theresa Kostrzewa
Deborah Kotula
Jeanette Kuchenreuther
Lydia and David Kwee
Leslie and Robert Lacin
J. David and Ruth Landers
Anne LaPierre
Melissa Latino
Leesville Animal Hospital, PA
Helga Leftwich
Carolyn Leith
Nanci and John Lemanowicz
Catherine Lerner
Liz Kanof and Ron Levine
Douglas and Judith Lewis
Pamela and Timothy Lietz
Sandy Ligon
Mr. John Linderman
David Ling
Abigail Linton
Kristy and Matt Littlejohn
Martha and Grant Livengood
Charles and Hilda Lloyd
Antonette Latrice Lockett
Logistyle, LLC
Norma Loscalzo
John W. Lowe
Lux Salon
Anna and Chris Lynch
Patrick and Caroline Mackie
Rebecca Macy
Chris and Liz Marin
Mark Jacobson Toyota
Judy and John Marks
Cynthia Marshall
Diana Mason
Melissa and William Matton
Lynne Mays
Wesley and Denise Mays
McClure Collision Center
Ellen McDaniel and Bob Young
David McDonagh
Craig and Tassie McGannon
Edwina Woodbury and Dennis McGill
Neill McLeod
McMillan, Pate & Company LLP
John W. McNeill, D.D.S
Ian and Donna Mehr
Shawn Mercer
Amanda Metcalfe
Rebecca and Dain Mickalites
Midtown Community Church
Page and Lewis Midyette
Siobhan and Press Millen
Philip Miller
Kelly and Geoff Miller
Kelly and Geoff Miller
Kelly and Geoff Miller
Kelly and Geoff Miller
Steve Miller
Harriet Mills
Lori Mills
Linda and Joseph Mims
Betty Mittag
Joyce Moses
NCSU NC Textile Foundation
Laura and Kirk Neely
Carol Nelson
Nancy Nemeth Interiors
Sally and Duane Neuman
Minetta B. Newbold
Cecile and Marc Noel
Luaskya Nonon
Anita Normanly
Linda Nunnallee
John and Linda Odom
Kathy and Steven Odrezin
Roger and Becky Omwake
Susan Osborne and Stephen Reynolds
Don and Kathy Oschwald
Greg and Mollie Owen
Becky and Tom Oxholm
Thomas and Leslie Packer
Anne Pagano
Paula Gupton Page
Sandy and Winston Page
Janet and Ray Palmquist
Debbie and William Pappas
Cynthia and Victor Parker
Robin Parsons and Don Iddings
Ashley and Sterling Perkinson
Brett and Kristi Pindell
Marjorie and Ash Pipkin
Judy and Bill Poe
Marilyn and John Poole
Kathy and Stephen Pretzer
Randall Proctor
Michelle and Charles Putterman
Eileen and Milton Putterman
Jean Rabatin
Raleigh Custom Homes
Ann F. Rankin
Debra and John Ratliff
Sylvia Redwine
Philip and Rebecca Redwine
Kristin and John Replogle
Catherine Reynolds
Matt and Amanda Ritter
Dale and Andrew Roane
Debbie and Larry Robbins
Sheri Roberson
Robert Shaw
Surry P. Roberts
Gemimah Rodriguez
Elizabeth and Michael Ross
Maggie and Duncan Rougier-Chapman
Kerry and Beverly Rouser
Cathy Rudisill
Mary Nash and John Rusher
Katherine Russell
William and Angela Salmon
Stagg Sanders
Debra Sasser
Linda Satterfield and Oliver White
Michael and Kristine Scharf
Lauren and Jason Schlafer
Barbara Schwartz
Eileen and Ron Schwartz
Terry Schwarz and Craig Sampson
Elizabeth Scott
Pamela Scott
Erin and George Seamen
Lori Seamen and George Seamen
Shelley Greene
Connie and Bob Shertz
Faith and Arnold Shertz
Craig and Melanie Shipley
Kathy and Dave Shonerd
Mary and Gerry Sibrack
Linda Silber
Frank and Johanna Silber
Leslie and John Silverstein
Susan Sink and Kevin Sink
Blair and Steve Smallman
Gail Smith
Jane Smith, MD
Alicia and Sandy Smith
Allison and Patrick Smith
Ann and Wade Smith
Lara and Sean Smith
Steven Smith
Jane and Graham Snyder
Julie Song and David Smyth, III
Ms. Meredith W. Spielman
Church Women United in Raleigh – Wake County
St. Timothy’s School
David and Cortney Stallings
Leslie and Paul Starsoneck
Steve Zaytoun
Jane Stikeleather
Amy Strent
Shana and Eric Stutts
Jennifer Suchanec and Christpher M. Thomas
Christy and Dominic Summers
Kimberly Swintosky
Ken Sykes
Jimmy and Toni Talton
G. Stanton Taylor
Kathryn Taylor and George Bee
Abha Thomas
P.D. and Monte Towe
Liesl and Rick Towner
Travis and Phil Tracy
Susan and Russell Travison
Julia Truelove
William and Jane Tucker
Robert and Jeanne Uhorchak
University of North Carolina Hospitals
Frederick Valentini
Janis Vaughn
Meg Venters and George Venters
Viking Construction
Wake County Real Property Lawyers Association
Brad and Carolyn Walker
Kristen Wallace
Henry Ward
Holly Williams Warner
Amy and Robert Watkins
Jenna Weathers
Jean and William Weatherspoon
Stephanie and Will Weatherspoon
Joy and Camden Webb
Kimberly and Mark Von Weihe
Scott Wein and Anne Wein
Katherine Westbrook
Ann and David White
Sylvia White and Ned Yellig
Craig Whitman
Whole Foods
Jane and David Wiley
Cheryl Wilkins
Carolyn Williams
Carolyn Williams
Judy Williams
Williams Overman Pierce L.L.P.
M. Allen Wilson
Jenny and Charles Winston, Jr.
Robert and Joy Witman
Cindy Wittmer and John Saratt
Lynn and Bob Womble
Jane and Sam Worley
Kay and Rick Wrigglesworth
Dale and Katie Wright
Diana Yenni and Dr. Lawrence Yenni
Elaine Young
Norma and David Zendels
Patrick and Kimberly Zimmer
Murphy’s Kids

If you have any questions about this list, please contact Nancy Bromhal nbromhal@safechildnc.org.